Q: How to play?

A: Clicking on the screen will consume the corresponding bet in coins and fire a bullet. When the bullet hits a fish in the pool, there is a chance to catch that fish. You can either hold down on the screen for continuous firing or click for automatic continuous firing.

Q: What is the reward rule? 

A: Each fish has a certain multiplier reward (you can check the odds table in the illustrations). When you catch this fish, you can get corresponding prize money = multiplier × bet amount.

Q: Multiplayer fishing

A: Supports up to 4 people playing together. When multiple players fish at the same time, only 1 player will successfully catch a fish at most.

Q: Additional side games

A: You can collect side game props when firing in the fishing game.

Q: Pass

A: Completing tasks in the Pass can collect pass points, and rewards can be obtained when reaching nodes (Daily tasks refresh once a day, season tasks refresh once a season).

Q: Safety and legal risks

 A: The fish in Ocean Lord are virtual fish created by engineers (not real fish), no real fish will be harmed during the game.