💡 How to Earn Coins?

In the slot machine, place your bet to collect coins. The higher the bet, the faster you collect.

💡 How to Merge Items and Win Big Prizes?

  1. First, look at the items within the blue frame, these are what players need to pass the level.  
  2. Next, use the coins to order items from the Factory. Click on the Factory icon at the bottom right to place an order.

  3. Finally, it's time to merge! Click on the "Check List" to see the items needed for player merge.  

For example: A teddy bear requires two gift bags to merge, and each gift bag needs two perfumes to merge, and so on. Two identical low-level items can be combined into a high-level item.

  4. If the items in the order have been ticked off, keep one that you need to pass the level, and you can choose to sell or continue to merge the rest. Complete all orders for each level to earn the ultimate prize!


In summary: The game Jenny's Store is all about merge upon merge. Keep the items you need and don't hold onto the rest.

😉Pro Tip: If it shows that coins can also be merged or collected, feel free to do so!