There is no way that we could charge any player without the player's authorization, or charge any player more than the presented item price. If you see an unfamiliar charge on your statement or you got overcharged. It could be caused by following reasons:
  1. The purchase was authorized by someone who gets access to your device.
  2. Some previous transactions didn't go through when you made the purchase because of network disconnection. Google Play Store will reactivate the purchase after gets reconnected to the Google's payment center.
We'll suggest you resort to Google's customer service for more information. If you have tried to contact Google's CS but they can't help, please contact us and it will also be greatly appreciated if you could provide the screenshot of the purchase receipt from Google with the following information to help us check for you faster.
  1. Order date
  2. Order number
  3. Item name
  4. Item price
  5. Type of currency (HK$/USD/AUD)
(Google Play Store will send the receipt to your Email after you successfully make the purchase.)