Players of Jackpot World Casino can exchange extra normal stamps with friends. How to do it?
1.   Bind your game with your Facebook or SMS number at first, the binding button is on your personal information page. Once you bind your FB account, your FB friends will also become your game friends.
2.   Click your inbox, choose SEND page, click DAFU STAMPS, then choose the friend you would like to send stamps to.
3.  Once you confirm the friend, you will enter your stamp collection(current season and past seasons' stamps are seperate and all available to choose from), choose the duplicate normal stamps in your album, click the "SEND" button.
4.  After sending the stamps, you will come back to the SEND page.
5.  Invite your friend to check his/her inbox and click the "Collect" button to receive the stamps you sent.
Note: One player can send up to 5 normal stamps to up to 5 friends per day. Amethyst stamps,Magic Stamps and Wish stamps are not allowed to be sent.