BLUE JEWELS is another currency system in Jackpot World Casino, and can be acquired
from purchase in the store,from MAGIC FOREST GAME,from Wish Sin or from some special events in JackpotWorld Casino.

At present,
  • BLUE JEWELS can be used in the MAGIC FOREST GAME. After the first round in the MAGIC FOREST GAME, players can use BLUE JEWELS to trade for extra picks of the treasure. There will be four rounds in total in the MAGIC FOREST GAME. Each round needs more jewels.
  • BLUE JEWELS can also be used to directly finish your Daily Mission or Flaming Challenge. You can use certain amount of BLUE JEWELS to directly finish any mission.

  • You can also trade your BLUE JEWELS in Dreamy Voyage to get more ORES and SPINS.