Bingo Board

Collect (GoldenBall with numbers) to fill the Bingo Board.
When 5 positions on any line are filled, the Bingo Board is completed and the Bingo Prize is awarded.


Collect 5  (flower symbol) to play FLOWER PICK BONUS.
Pick  (flower symbol) to win prizes and a chance for  (red heart symbol).
Each prize will increase the total bonus multiplier by 1.


Collect 5  (red heart symbol) to play GOLDEN BINGO BOARD.
Collect  (mushroom symbol) to win JACKPOT.
  • 1 or 2  mushrooms – Mini Jackpot;
  • 3  mushrooms – Minor Jackpot;
  • 4  mushrooms – Major Jackpot;
  • 5  mushrooms – Grand Jackpot.


ROYAL FROG appears randomly and gives 1 of the following helps:
  • Filling an empty position on the Bingo Board.
  • Adding an extra (flower symbol) on the Bingo Board.
  • Increasing the multiplier of Bingo Prize.
  • Adding 1  (flower symbol) to your collection progress.
  • Upgrade a position as Instant Bingo Win.


Any 3 ormore   (red lip bonus SCATTER) award FREE GAME SELECTION.
Chooseyour FREE GAMES:
  • 12 FREEGAMES WITH LOCKED WILD – All (Wild frog symbol) on the reel are locked.
  • 14 FREEGAMES WITH RANDOM WILD – Random  (Wild frog symbol) are added on each spin.
  • 16 FREEGAMES WITH JUMPING WILD -  (Wild frog symbol) jump to the left reel ateach spin.
  • 18 FREEGAMES WITH EXPANDING WILD -   (Wild frog symbol) expand to full reel at eachspin.

Bingolden Frog Pay Table

  • All wins shown with Bet Per Line at 1.
  • If Bingo Board is enabled, Total Bet is 75X Bet Per Line.
  • If Bingo Board is not enabled, Total Bet is 60X Bet Per Line.