Fire Wheel Bonus

  • appearing on Reel 5 will become 3 .
  • Any 6 or more award the Fire Wheel Bonus.
  • The that triggered the bonus are stocked on the top of the reels.
  • During the bonus, each appearing on the reels is also stocked.
  • Each stocked award 1 free spin.
  • 1 stocked is used for each spin.
  • If the contains a multiplier, all wins in that spin are multipliedby that multiplier.
  • If the contains Jackpot, it will award a prize, or show ,, or .
    • Collect 3 Grand or 3 Major to win the corresponding Jackpot.
    • Collect 1 Minor or 1 Mini to win the corresponding Jackpot.

Free Games

  • Any 3 or more award Selection Bonus and 10 Free Games.
  • Select 1 to determine the number of extra added to the reels.

PrinceQuest Bonus

  • Collect to trigger the Prince Quest Bonus.
  • starts in the center of the map. At each round, move to a vertical or horizontally adjacent position to collect acredit prize.
  • will be defeated when he moves into a position with .
  • multiplies all the prizes collected and ends the round.
  • or triggers Mini Game Bonus and ends the round.
  • increases Level Prize.
  • Win Level Prize when is found.
  • Complete 5 levels to win the final Level Prize.

Prince Nezha Pay Table

  • All wins shown with Bet Per Line at 1.
  • If Prince Quest Bonus is enabled, Total Bet is 100X Bet Per Line.
  • If Prince Quest Bonus is not enabled, Total Bet is 88X Bet Per Line.