• on reel 1,2,3 and 4 with on reel 5 awards LIBERTY PARADE BONUS. 
  • Prizes on will be awarded when LIBERTY PARADE BONUS is awarded. 
  • will be locked on reels and prizes on will be awarded at every spin.
  • If lands on reels, any becomes and all locked positions are unlocked. 
  • Fill up the bonus meter with to win an extra prize.


  • Collect to boost freegames in the CREATE YOUR BONUS SHOP.
  • A maximum of 1 Million may becollected.
  • Each spin of the reels moves the float tothe Statue of Liberty.
  • Fill up the meter to unlock more boostersin the CREATE YOUR BONUS SHOP.
  • The STAR BONUS is triggered whenever thefloat reaches a star on the road.
  • During STAR BONUS, select one of 3 starsfor a bonus reward!
  • When the float reaches the Statue ofLiberty, FIREWORK BONUS is awarded.
  • The FIREWORK BONUS awards prizes andboosters in the CREATE YOUR BONUS SHOP.