Step 1. Get into the game and find your INBOX.

Step 2. Open INBOX and find INVITE icon.

Step 3. Get into INVITE page and choose a way to share.

Click SHARE to create a link that you can copy-paste to anywhere you would like to share at.

Click INVITE to share the link directly via Messenger (There will be a window pops up when you do not have Messenger installed).

The progress bar will be updated when your friends join the game via the link you shared, you can win the corresponding rewards when the bar is filled up.

The friends joined will also be added to your friend list automatically.

Why does my progress bar for the rewards not update?

If you find that after inviting friends, your reward progress bar does not update and no new friends appear in your friend list, we suggest you confirm with your invited friends whether they have successfully downloaded and entered the game through the link you shared:

If not, please tell your friends to click the shared link to download the game again.

If it works, it's probably because of one of the following reasons:

1. The invited player redownloaded the game due to network issues.

2. The invited player has network issues during the game loading process, resulting in disconnection and reconnection.

3. The invited player quits the game without successfully following the tutorial and enter a slot.

Since this is a one-off mechanism in the game, you cannot invite the same friend to regain progress after the progress bar failed to update.

When you get any of the issues above, you can contact us at any time with information as follows:

1. Your game ID.

2. ID of your invited friend.

3. Screenshot of your friends invite progress.