Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you maintain the right to have all of your personal used in our application and our partners' services (purchase payments, in-app ad views, etc.) deleted.

Please keep in mind that should you decide to delete this data, the associated user account will be deleted and will not be restorable. However, it will be possible to start the game over from Level 1.

How do I delete personal data?

                1. Click the gear button on the upper right corner of the lobby;
                2. Find the DELETE button and tap it;
                3. Tap the DELETE again and input your account ID, your account data will be permanently deleted.
❗Warning: All data (including coins, game data, progress, and purchases will be deleted and cannot be recovered. All your purchase will not be returned back to your account.

How do I cancel the deletion?

The account deletion may be canceled within 7 days. You can cancel the deletion anytime by entering the game during 7 days. Kindly note that after 7 days, we cannot reverse the deletion, and your game cannot be restored.


  • Only accounts that have been registered for more than 14 days can be deleted.
  • When you enter the game again after the deletion, a new account will be registered automatically, and the FB account and SMS number will no longer be related to the previous account.