STEP1.You may top up on ibon in 7-ELEVEN.

Tips: The clerk will assist if you don't know where FamiPort is.

STEP2. Choose the ONLINE GAME below TOP UP/BUY.

STEP3. Read the notice

STEP4. Choose the type of point.

STEP5. Choose the amount of points and click NEXT.

STEP6. Check the amount and prize, and click CONFIRM.

STEP7. ibon will automaticallt print the bill.

Please notice the "deadline for payment" on the bill and check out at the clerk as soon as possiple. Once it expires, you just need to operate again on ibon.

STEP8. After your order is placed,you may take printed points and invoice. The prined points include PIN CODE and CARD NUMBER。

If you don't get them, please check with clerk.