STEP1-If you want to top up points in CircleK, you may check if there are points and amounts that you want in OK.go. After making sure how many points you want to top up, the clerk will assist you to top up.

Tips: The clerk will assist if you don't know where OK.go is.

STEP2- After entering DIGITAL LIFE, you may choose VIRTUAL CARD。


STEP4- Enter VIRTUAL CARD, and choose the item you want to buy.

STEP5-After choosing the item, you may choose the type of card you want to buy.

STEP6-After that, choose the amount you want to buy.

STEP7-  Then the notices and instructions will be presented and you can not make any purchase.

The photo attatched is the online catalog, and if you want to purchase, please contact the store staff.

STEP8-Please ask the clerk and top up points.

STEP9-After your order is placed,you may take printed points, the card order and invoice. The prined points include a PIN CODE (include a QRcode) and the card order.

If you don't get them, please check with clerk.