Quest Frenzy Event

Quest Frenzy is a limited-time event available only for new Cash Frenzy players after reaching level 4.  During Quest Frenzy, players have 4 days to complete a total of 6 slot games and their respective missions to win a huge final prize.

Quest Frenzy Lobby

The Basics

Quest Frenzy is a series of challenges that takes place over 6 different slot themes.  New players will be assigned various challenges within each slot theme that they will need to complete in order to unlock the next slot game with new challenges and prizes.  By completing all 6 slot games and missions, players can receive the final chest coin prize.

Time Limits

New players will have a limited time of 4 days to complete Quest Frenzy, otherwise they will lose the chance to receive it's final reward.  Once Quest Frenzy expires, players will no longer have an opportunity to replay the feature.


Event Entrance

Players will receive a prompt display notice that Quest Frenzy is available after reaching level 4.  By tapping on "Play Now" players will be taken to a the feature system and can follow the in-game prompts to see it's tutorial, mission challenges, and a special tutorial on how the Game Master feature works.

Quest Frenzy is also accessible from the main lobby via the main navigational bar at the bottom of the screen, main lobby promotional icons, or the leftside navigational bar while in any slot game while the feature is available.


Quest Frenzy Feature Prompt
Quest Frenzy Feature Prompt


Quest Frenzy Promo Card  
Quest Frenzy Promotion Card

 Quest Frenzy Missions / Leftside Navigation Bar  
Quest Frenzy Missions Bar / left Navigation Menu


Quest Frenzy Main Lobby Navigation Bar  
Quest Frenzy Main Lobby Navigation Bar