We are dedicated to providing players with the best experience while playing Cash Frenzy, so we aim to update regularly to improve gameplay experience, offer new exciting features, and keep things in the game up-to-date!

Latest updates typically include New Exciting Slot Games; along with new features, gameplay expansions, improvements to existing features, and removal of pesky Bugs! We highly recommend players keep their game updated to the latest version through the Google Play or iOS Apple Store for the best experience.

Important Notice: We highly recommend prior to updating that you link your account to Facebook as soon as possible. Once you register your account, you can play your account of Cash Frenzy on any supported device. If you happen to lose or change devices, you can also quickly recover your account by with Facebook.

Connecting to Facebook option can be found on the Main Login Screen or within Settings

Main screen:


From here, you'll be prompted to follow the instruction on the screen that connect your Cash Frenzy Account to Facebook. *Note* (If the Facebook API connection encounters an error, you may need to first install the Facebook App to your device, then attempt to connect again)

For more information on the benefits of connecting your Cash Frenzy account to Facebook, please visit our FAQ link "Why should I connect to Facebook"