We highly recommend Cash Frenzy players connect their accounts to Facebook as soon as possible. Once you register your account, you can play Cash Frenzy on any supported device. If you happen to lose or change devices, you'll be able to quickly reconnect your account using Facebook to continue your game progress!

Connecting your Cash Frenzy account to Facebook is the safest & easiest way to ensure your account progress is saved and recoverable.

  • Protect & Sync Account Progress!
  • Receive a 1,000,000 coin bonus when you first connect!
  • Access to share & receive Stamps, Coins, and Bonus Boxes with friends daily!
  • And join with the Cash Frenzy Facebook Fan Page to participate in Mini-Games and get Free Coins Every day!

Facebook Connect Benefits

To connect your account to Facebook, simply click on the "Connect" icon found on the main login screen OR found within "Settings" next to "Facebook" option.

Main Login Screen: Connect

Settings: Facebook Connect

From here, you'll be prompted to follow the instruction on the screen that connect your Cash Frenzy Account to Facebook. *Note* (If the Facebook API connection encounters an error, you may need to first install the Facebook App to your device, then attempt to connect again)

Connection Successful:

Once connected, you'll instantly receive your BONUS 1,000,000 Gift Rewards! Awesome!