Most players in Cash Frenzy will receive their purchased items immediately after the transaction is processed. However, in rare cases the delivery of items can be delayed due to security settings or processing delays.

If you've successfully made a purchase transaction through Google Play and have not received your items, please first attempt to close and restart the Cash Frenzy app to make sure the purchase items have still not arrived.

If the issue still persists:

Please first sign into your Google Play account to confirm the status of your purchase. It may have been canceled by Google. If this is the case, you will need to contact with Google Play support to ensure your information is correct.

If the payment went through successfully and you've still not received your items after restarting the Cash Frenzy App. Contact our support with the following information:

  • A Screenshot of your Transaction ID / Order Number [GPA number]
  • Which Payment Method/Service you used.
  • The date & time of the purchase
  • What was the item you purchased

To Locate your Transaction ID / Order Number [GPA Number]

  1. Find and tap the Activity Tab
  2. Select an order to see your receipt
  3. Locate the Transaction ID row at the bottom of the Transaction Details menu of your purchases.
  4. Transaction Receipt information may also be found in your email depending on your Google Play settings.

Transaction ID: Samples