If the Free Coins link on one of our social media platforms isn't working for you, then you may need to collect via an alternative method.

  1. By clicking and Long Pressing the Free Coin's Link, you will have the option to Copy Link Address, which you can then paste in your browsers URL Search Bar at the top of the screen.

  2. The pasted Free Coin URL link will automatically redirect to open your Cash Frenzy App and you will receive your Free Coins reward with a notification prompt.

Long Press: Copy Link Address

Paste URL Link:

Free Coins: Notification Prompt

Still Not Working: Troubleshooting

If clicking or pasting the Free Coin Link URL methods are still not working; please check the following information.

  1. Your Cash Frenzy game is currently up to date. Pasting the URL Link may redirect you directly to Google Play or the App Store and prompt you to first update your game. After updating, follow the steps above once again to claim your Free Coins.

  2. If the Free Coins link is out-of-date, then the received prompt in your game will indicate that the Free Coins Gift is out-of-date in the notification. To check the status of Free Coin Links, please visit our FAQ guide on "How to get free coins". (Please note: Some links are only valid for a limited time).

  3. Some Links are only valid one time, while others may only be claimed every 12 hours. If you've already collected the Free Coins link, then you'll receive the Gift is out-of-date notification prompt when trying to collect an additional time.

  4. That you are only using Free Coin Links from Official Cash Frenzy Sources.  These are published through our Official Accounts on the social media links provided in our "How to Get Free Coins" links.   If you use unofficial website links, they may conflict with our posted system links.

Update Request: Free Coins Link:

Notification: Gift is out-of-date