Cash Frenzy notifications are turned on by default when installed to provide players with important updates and special notes (including rewards).

To turn on/off notifications, first click on the Gear Symbol located at the upper right-hand side of the screen. Then select the Settings Option. From here, you'll see a list of different notifications that you can toggle on/off based on your preferences.

Settings Gear:

Settings Option:

Settings: Toggle Notifications:

System Notifications: Toggles push notifications to your device for important game updates & special notices.

Jackpot Notifications: Toggles in-game notifications for when another player hits a Grand Jackpot within one of Cash Frenzy's slot machine games.

Stamp Notifications: Toggles in-game notifications for when you receive a stamp pack during slot machine gameplay.

*If toggled off: Stamps awarded during slot play can be checked by clicking the Amazing Stamp icon which automatically appear within the slot game after turning off the notification.
Amazing Stamps Icon

Stamps Collection [If notification toggled off]

Bag Notification: Toggles in-game notification for when you receive an Around the World bag during slot machine gameplay. Turning off will prevent the pop-up from occurring during slot play.

Additionally within settings you can toggle on/off Sound & Music.

Sound: Toggles in-game background sounds, voice-overs, and special effect noises.

Music: Toggles in-game background music.