SPIN UP is a special purchase feature that allows you to Multiply your Store Coin package and receive up to 5000% more on your original purchased amount of coins.

It requires two consecutive qualified purchases to activate and play, which is only available when the original Store Coin package purchase has been made.

There are three available levels of SPIN UP based on which qualified purchase you make. These are Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. This will be indicated by label on the purchase icon.

To Activate: First Purchase a qualified Store Coin Package to Activate
To Play: At the notification prompt, make the second purchase for SPIN UP to play.

First Store Common Purchase

Purchase Confirmation

SPIN UP Activated: Purchase Again to Play


SPIN UP: Purchased Coins Multiplied

Please note: If you exit out of the screen, you will receive a prompt asking "are you sure you want to exit". If you exit this screen, you will no longer have an activated SPIN UP.

More information about SPIN UP is available through the Information Icon, which is located on the upper-left of in-game store.