Mission Pass is located under the Missions Tab on the main lobby screen. Once selected, navigate to the tab bar at the top of the screen and select Mission Pass.
The Basics: All players have access to win rewards from Free Pass, while through purchase players can get access to rewards from Mission Pass. Collect Mission Stars to raise your level and unlock rewards. There are a total of 100 reward levels.
Mission Stars: These can be collected through different challenges. Daily Missions, Lucky Smash, and Blazing Challenge all offer Mission Stars that can be obtained and accumulated.
Limited Time Rewards: Reach specific levels (Every 10th level) to win Limit Rewards. The countdown timer will start after reaching the level before the limit reward. Reach the Limited Reward before the countdown timer ends to be able to claim.
Mission Chest: Unlock the Level 100 Mission Chest by purchasing Mission Pass and reaching level 100 before the season ends. All Mission Stars collected after reaching level 100 will upgrade the Mission Chest. At the end of the season, the Mission Chest will award bonus coins. Rewards will increase with higher Mission Chest levels until the maximum limit is reached.
Mission Pass: Chest Rewards

Super Pass: Unlock even more rewards by  purchasing Super Pass!  Once you've reached level 100, you can have access to 30 additional levels with increasingly better rewards and access to a super chest at the end.  All Mission stars collected will contribute to both the Mission Pass chest and toward Super Pass milestone goals.  At the end of the season, Mission Chest and Super Chest (if reached) will award bonus coins!
Super Pass

Mission Pass Features:

Mission Pass: Main Page

The following describes features found on the above Mission Pass Screen.
More Information: Clicking the information icon will open a 'How to Play' pop-up.
Mission Pass: Get access to additional rewards by purchasing and unlocking Mission Pass.
Free Pass: Rewards accessible by all players
More Mission Stars Booster: A special booster that can be either purchased or obtained as a reward. Mission Star Boosters offer a limited time boost to acquirable Mission Stars, multiplying the number that can be obtained by 2X until the Mission Star Booster time runs out.
Mission Star Level: Indicated on the Free/Mission Pass progress bar and the upper right-side of the screen.
Mission Stars needed to next level: Indicated on the upper right-side of the screen. Shows how many more Mission Stars are needed to increase to the next level. Higher levels require more Mission Stars.
Emeralds cost to unlock next level: Located on the Free/Mission Pass progress bar. Shows the cost to unlock the next level reward.
Mission Pass Season Time-Remaining: Located on the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Shows how many days remain until the end of the current Mission Pass Season. Any Unlocked rewards uncollected at the end of the season will go to your Inbox
Buy Levels: Click here to purchase levels. Get all Free/Mission pass rewards from your current level to the purchased level immediately.
Unlock Mission Pass: Click here to unlock Mission Pass and gain access to all Mission Pass rewards for the duration of the season. You can also purchase the Bundle Mission Pass that additionally rewards 20 levels instantly.
Collect All: Click here to claim & collect all unlocked rewards instantly.