Cash Frenzy includes a Stamp Collection feature which allows players to collect unique and limited time stamps to earn big bonus prizes! Below is an outline of Stamps , How to collect, and Special Features

Stamp Collections:

Each year there are a total of Four Stamp Albums released. Each album consists of a "Stamp Season" available for a limited amount of time. Players can collect stamps multiple ways, from spinning in slot games, special challenges, purchases, and more.
Normal Album: Complete stamp sets by collecting all the required stamps indicated for the set.
  • Every Stamp set completed will reward a Big Prize
  • Completing all sets for a given album season will reward a Huge Prize!
Premium Album: If you complete the entire Album Set during a season, you can instantly start the premium album, which includes:
  • Unique Album Covers
  • Upgraded Stamp Set Prizes and Album Prizes
  • Increased probability of stamp appearances
  • Opportunity to redeem all duplicated stamps for extra stamps for your premium album!  
    • (Limited time feature, redeem before timer expires!)
Example: Stamp Set

Obtaining Stamps:

Stamps can be obtained multiple ways in Cash Frenzy. These include:
  • Spinning in any slot game: Betting higher will help to receive stamps more frequently and with higher rarity value
  • Making any purchase: Bigger purchases award more stamps and with higher rarity value.
  • Leveling Up: Reaching levels ending with 5 or 0 will reward a stamp pack.
  • Friends/Gifting: Your Facebook friends can send you stamps as a gift.
  • Cash Club / Gifting: Cash Clubmates can send you requested stamps as a gift. You can request specific eligible stamps through the Cash Club every 24 hours.
  • Activity Completion rewards: Receive stamp packs as rewards for completing different game activities.
  • Diamond Lounge Benefits: Receive a daily Frenzy Pack as part of the Diamond Lounge Benefits.

Stamp Rarity:

Stamps come in three levels. Ordinary, Diamond, and Frenzy Stamps. You can recognize how rare your stamp is by the color and the number of diamonds.
  • Ordinary Stamps: These are Blue Colored: They include diamonds that indicate their rarity. '1 diamonds' are the most common and '5 diamonds' are more rare. These ordinary stamps can be traded/gifted by friends and Cash Clubmates.
  • Diamond Stamps: These are Red Colored: They include diamonds that indicate their rarity. '3 diamonds' are more common, whereas '5 diamonds' are much rarer. Diamond stamps cannot be gifted by friends.
  • Frenzy Stamps: These are Gold Colored: They include diamonds that indicate their rarity. '1 diamonds' are more common, whereas '5 diamonds' are the rarest. Frenzy Stamps cannot be gifted by friends.
Stamp Rarity: Hierarchy Chart

Obtaining Frenzy Stamps - Diamond Rarity:

Frenzy stamps are some of the rarest stamps to collect and every stamp set will contain one that needs to be collected.
Below are a few ways of how you can collect Specific Diamond Rarity of Frenzy Stamps. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Play PachinCoin Bonus Game: Earn 1 Diamond Frenzy stamps
  • Spin in Frenzy Featured Games: Earn 2 Diamond Frenzy stamps
  • Reach levels ending in '00' or '50': Earn 3 Diamond Frenzy Stamps
  • Complete an Activity Challenge once: Earn 4 Diamond Frenzy Stamps
  • Complete an Activity Challenge twice or more: Earn 5 Diamond Frenzy Stamps
  • Complete the Weekly Mission Bar in Daily Missions: Earn 5 Diamond Frenzy Stamps
Frenzy Stamps: Diamond Rarity Chart

Special Stamps:

There are several Special stamp sets can only be obtained through specific activities in Cash Frenzy

Mansion Quest Stamps are awarded by the following:

  1. Spinning in Mansion Quest Slots
  2. Complete the Star Challenge in Mansion Quest
  3. Completing a Room in Mansion Quest.
Mansion Quest: Room Completion
Mansion Quest: Star Challenge

Cash Club Stamps are awarded by the following:

  1. Open High Rarity Cash Club Chests
  2. Complete Cash Club Mission Objectives
  3. Special Cash Frenzy Challenges


Genie Stamps:

(Genie Stamps do not affect album completion, cannot be sent by friends, cannot be obtained by bonus stamps, and can only be completed once. Finishing the Genie Set is a unique album set that offers Huge coin prizes and other special rewards)
  1. Rub the genie lamp once every 24 hours to play Genie Bonus Games
  2. Collect Genie Stamps from the Genie Bonus Game or Special Promotions
  3. Each Season, the Genie Stamp Bonus will change.
Genie Stamps

Bonus Stamps:

A special type of stamp that's "Wild" for any stamp in the specified album. There are different types of Bonus Stamps available in the game, obtainable by completing special activities.
  • Bonus Ordinary: Lets you choose any ordinary stamp for the specified album
  • Bonus Diamond: Lets you choose any Diamond Stamp for the specified album
  • Bonus Frenzy: Lets you choose any Frenzy Stamp for the specified album
  • Bonus Stamp: Lets you choose any Stamp for the specified album.

Additional Stamp Features:


Frenzy Stamp Challenge:

Collect all Frenzy Stamps for the season to complete the Frenzy Stamp Challenge. When you collect a certain number of Frenzy Stamps, you'll receive a bonus number of Frenzy Spins, which can be used in the Frenzy spin bonus game.
Once you collect all the Frenzy Stamps, you'll also be rewarded with a daily coin bonus in your inbox.
Frenzy Stamp Challenge

Frenzy Spin:

Collect Frenzy Spins each time you collect a Frenzy Stamp. Use the Frenzy Spin to collect bonus rewards, including coins, stamp packs, depots, diamond lounge points, and more!
Higher rarity (diamonds) Frenzy Stamps award more spins.

Infinity Machine:

The Infinity Machine is a feature that allows players to trade duplicate stamps for coins or a chance for additional stamps. Stamps of higher rarity will offer boosters / multipliers to the total amount that can be won.
Once you select which stamps you wish to trade in the Infinity Machine, you can spin the wheel to see which prize you've won.
The Infinity Machine can only be played once every 24 hours.
Infinity Machine: Select duplicate stamps

Stamp Collection History:

Once you collect stamps, you're also able to see your recent history of which stamp was received, where it was from, and the date that it was received on.
To reach this feature, first navigate to the Stamps Page, and click on the MENU tab in the upper left corner; then select the History Button:
From here, you'll be taken to a page that shows the recent 100 collected stamps.  If you're uncertain if you received a stamp from a pack, mission pass, purchase, or other feature; you can check here to verify.
If your stamp notifications are off, then you also have the option within slot games to check the most recent 100 stamps received by clicking on the following icon.