Smash Day:

Every Saturday is a special bonus game called "Lucky Smash!"  To access the feature, first click on the Missions Icon, and navigate to on the upper tab to "Lucky Smash".

Every week, you are able to collect two types of hammers:  Silver Hammers and Gold Hammers.  

  • Silver Hammers:  1 is collected each time you play the "Slot of Cash" feature.
  • Gold Hammers:  1 is collected each time you complete all three daily missions.

Saturday is the Smash Day when you get a chance to smash silver/golden eggs to win great prizes.  There are a total of 7 silver eggs and 7 golden eggs.  These correspond with the maximum number of each type of hammer you can collect each week.   After Smash Day passes, all hammers will reset to zero.

One of the 7 Silver/Golden Eggs will contain a "Major Prize".  Make sure to collect as many silver/golden hammers as you can each week to maximize your chances of getting the prize!

Example: Finding the winning egg

Shell Game

When winning the Major Prize, you'll earn a chance to win even more with the Shell Game!  The Shell Mini-game is a short game that gives you several pick chances to win various prizes.

Each round consist of a total of 3 picks.  There are a total of 3 possible rounds available with each subsequent round increasing the reward prizes values.  However, each additional round will require emeralds to continue.