General Information:

To access the Diamond Lounge, first navigate on the main lobby screen to the "Diamond" icon located on the lower row of the tab bar.  You can also access Build Your Dreams from the Diamond Lounge directly if the feature is activated.

Main Lobby: Diamond Lounge Access.

The Diamond Lounge is an access-only special feature available for qualified players.  In order to qualify, players must collect enough Lounge Diamond Points, or collect a temporary Lounge Pass.  

To access the benefits and features of the Diamond Lounge, you must be an Active Diamond Lounge Member.

  1. Earn 15,000 Lounge Points to receive a Lounge Diamond.  Each fully formed Diamond gives 10 days access to the Diamond Lounge.

  2. You can store up to 2 Lounge Diamonds at one time, this will be indicated at the bottom of the Diamond Lounge screen.

  3. When all Diamonds expire, you will lose access to the Lounge Diamond and it's features.  This includes the Build Your Dreams activity.

Diamond Lounge Pass

Lounge Benefits:

While the Diamond Lounge Membership is active:

  • Access to the High-Roller Mode for all slot games.  Allows for higher bets and even higher rewards!
  • Access to Build Your Dreams.  Collect Depots and level up your dream world buildings to win massive rewards!
  • Leveling up even faster than before - unlock new slot games and leveling up rewards
  • Receive a Frenzy Pack in your inbox every day.
  • Be awarded 50% more coins from Cash Frenzy Rewards.  This includes Red/Blue Scratch tickets, Slot of Cash, and Pachincoin!
  • Have access to "Spin Rewards", which allows you to collect 3% cashback from non-winning spins after purchase activation.

Lounge Benefits

Where to Earn Points

There are a multitude of ways to earn Lounge Points and access the Diamond Lounge.

  • By making any purchase.  Amount received varies by offer. (see purchase benefits for details)
  • Every 200 qualified spins will reward up to 100 Lounge Points.  Qualified spins are based on your qualified bet amount within a slot game.
  • Reaching Player Levels with a "5" or "0" as the last digit of the current level will earn up to 300 Lounge Points.
  • By playing "Cash Frenzy Bonus" features (Blue/Red Scratch tickets, slot of cash, pachincoin).
  • Collecting your Daily Store Bonus
  • Free Pass & Mission Pass rewards.  This includes Lounge Points & Lounge Passes
  • Finishing Daily Mission Challenges
  • From various challenges & special promotions.

Examples: Earning Lounge Points by playing features

Examples: Earning Lounge Points by purchase benefits