When you tap to claim a reward or are spinning in a slot game, those same actions are happening in our servers. This means the information first gets logged in our servers and then that data is synchronized to your device to show you what you receive. It's a nearly instantaneous process that allows for seamless gameplay.

Occasionally, due to lag or connection issues, it's possible that the information isn't delivered instantly. This means that your items are not lost, but may be experiencing a visual bug of it not displaying. Once your device's information synchronizes with the server again, the data updates along with your items and rewards.

If you are still seeing that you are missing an item or a reward, please first review or try one of the following suggestions: The following suggestions will vary depending on which type of Item/Reward issue you may be experiencing.

1) Close and Restart the App

If you claimed a reward and it hasn't updated in your game, then by closing and restarting the app you'll be manually resynchronizing your device with our servers when logging back in. In most cases, simply closing and restarting the app will resolve missing items/reward issues, and your claimed items/rewards should appear once you restart.

2) Missing Items/Rewards may be located in your Inbox

Depending on the item/reward, they might be located in your Inbox. For example, certain uncollected rewards for events like Mission Pass Season will automatically be sent to your Inbox at the end of the season. For Activity Event rewards for completing certain activities, such as finishing an event at the top of the leaderboard may be sent directly to your Inbox once the event ends and the rewards are calculated in the server.

Mission Pass Example: Unclaimed Rewards to Inbox

Please Note: Not all activities in the game will automatically convert unclaimed rewards to your inbox. For example, unclaimed Blazing Challenge rewards at the end of a season are no longer claimable. This type of information for activities is included into notifications, game rules, or information tabs for activities.

Blazing Challenge: Claim rewards before season ends.

3) Expiration of Items:

Some rewards earned in the game can only be claimed within a limited amount of time. Items that get sent to your inbox will include a Collect Button with an Expiration Date underneath. If the items are not collected before the expiration date, they will be removed from your inbox automatically.

Expiration Example: Inbox Items

Some rewards will have expiration for the amount of time to complete or claim a reward. An example of this includes the Lucky Charms, where players need to collect all 4 within 30 days in order to claim their reward. Please be sure to check the information tabs for events & features to determine if your reward has an expiration date.

Expiration Example: Feature Rules

4) Crashing during Free Games or Bonus Games

If you experience a crash during a Free Game or Bonus Game in a slot game, your information for that game is still automatically saved in our servers. Once you re-enter that slot game, you'll find that your progress for the Free Game or Bonus Game has been saved, and you can continue to play where you left off.

In some circumstances, you may need to close & restart the app if you are experiencing lag or connection issues to resynchronize your device information to our servers.

Additional Help:

If the above information has not resolved your issue with Missing Items / Rewards, then please contact our Customer Support with the following information.
  • What is the Item/Reward?
  • When did the reward go Missing? [Date, approximate time]
  • Where is the reward located within the game?

A Customer Support agent will review your account information with you to investigate the issue and further assist.