We understand that seeing a potential unfamiliar charge may be frustrating, but please know that we do not have the ability to charge any player without the player's authorization, and cannot charge players more than the presented item price. If you are seeing an unfamiliar charge on your statement, it may be caused by one of the following reasons:

1) Seeing overcharges or multiple charges on my billing

Your transaction might have only been grouped together by iTunes. The charge may include your current purchase plus previous purchases made through iTunes. Due to how iTunes groups it's billings, it does not mean that you were charged multiple times for the purchase. It will display as a single purchase in your payment history. Apple Support: Billing

Apple Support: Purchase Page Infographic

2) Sales Tax or Country Pricing:

Depending on geographical location, some places require sales tax to be charged on purchases. For example, in the United States, some states charge a sales tax on purchases made within games. Cash Frenzy is in compliance with these taxes which are processed through iTunes. As these vary, you may notice a slight difference in charges depending on where you live.

iTunes Store purchases will include sales tax based on the bill-to address and the sales tax rate in effect at the time your purchase is completed.

Different Countries may also have different pricing. This may be due to

  • Differences between values of the currencies
  • Specific taxation laws for that region
  • Processing fees and operating costs in different countries.

Pricing of in-game packages and items may vary from country to country. Prices may also vary between the App Store and Google Play. As such, the taxation, fees, and cost differences will be specific to each country and local territory; which may include region, state, or province based on their specific taxation requirements.

3) iTunes purchase invoices for unfamiliar purchases.

iTunes may send a purchase invoice and charge your payment account at a later date than your actual purchase date. The date on the purchase invoice is NOT the actual purchase date. It is only the date which iTunes charges your payment account.

To verify the date of purchase, you'll need to check your iTunes purchase history under your iTunes account. Apple Support: Billing / Apple Support: Purchase History.

4) iTunes Payment Method Charge Processes

When you buy items or pay for subscriptions, Apple attempts to charge your payment methods in this order:
  1. Apple attempts to use your Apple ID balance to cover the full amount

  2. If you don't have an Apple ID Balance or you don't have enough to cover the full amount, Apple attempts to charge your primary payment method. The primary payment method is at the top of the list in settings in your device. You can control which payment methods are at the top of the list. Apple Support: Changing Apple ID payment methods

  3. If there's a problem with the primary payment method, or if the primary payment method can't be charged for the full remaining amount, Apple attempts to charge your other payment methods in order from top to bottom. If none of them can be charged, Apple may try again.

5) iTunes Family Sharing:

If your iTunes account has Family Sharing activated, then you may also have Purchase Sharing activated. When you turn on purchase sharing, everyone in the Family Sharing plan gets access to apps, music, movies, TV shows, and other content. Purchase Sharing will bill to the family organizer, using the payment method specified on the account.

To learn more about Family Sharing and Purchase Sharing on iTunes, including how to activate or deactivate, please visit Apple Support at the following link: Apple Support: Family/Purchase Sharing

Additional Help:

For contact enquiries to Cash Frenzy Support, please provide us a screenshot of the purchase receipt from Apple/iTunes with the following information:

  • The date & time of your purchase
  • The purchase amount for the problematic transaction
  • What was the item you purchased

As Apple Payments are occasionally "bundled " for multiple transactions, you may need to locate the information for your payment issue via the bundled receipt.

For more information on where to locate your Apple/iTunes Purchase Receipt information, please see our FAQ information at the following link. Where to find my App Store Purchase History.