Lucky Puzzle games are one of many amazing features found in Cash Frenzy Slots.
Lucky Puzzle is divided into two categories: Lucky Puzzle & Lucky Puzzle 2
Puzzle tokens collected in Lucky Puzzle 1 games can only be used across Lucky Puzzle 1 games; and Lucky Puzzle 2 tokens collected can only be used across Lucky Puzzle 2 games.
The following are general features found across Lucky Puzzle games, and detailed information can be found under Game Rules.
  • As you spin in a Lucky Puzzle slot game, Puzzle Tokens can appear on any position on the reels. Each time you collect Puzzle Tokens, they will be added to the Lucky Puzzle Meter.
  • Selecting the Meter will open the Lucky Puzzle's Page & Store Access.
  • Choose the Puzzle Jar you would like to receive puzzles from. You will receive 5 puzzle pieces that can be applied to any puzzle collection
  • As you complete part of the puzzles, you will rewarded with progress rewards. Once you finish the collection, you will receive the reward listed at the top of the collection.
  • Duplicate puzzle pieces award coin prizes after completed stages of the current puzzle. The more duplicate pieces, the higher the coin prize.
  • Completing all Lucky Puzzles on a page will reward a Free Games bonus with Sticky Wilds
Lucky Puzzle 1: Tokens
Lucky Puzzle 2: Tokens
As you collect Lucky Puzzle Tokens, they will accumulate in the meter counter on the screen. If you click the meter, you'll open up the Lucky Puzzle Collection and access to the store. The top of the page will show the puzzle collection prize, and the progress rewards.
The bottom of the page will show the collection pages, puzzle store, and duplicate pieces for rewards.
Puzzle Page
Opening the Puzzle Store will give a choice of 4 Puzzle Packs that can be bought with Puzzle Tokens. Rare pieces can be found in any Puzzle Pack, but higher value packs have better chances.
Puzzle Store:
Once you buy a Puzzle Pack, you'll receive 5 Puzzle Pieces. New puzzles pieces will be indicated as "New" and if a Puzzle Piece completes a progress reward, a notification will show under that piece.

Each Puzzle Pack shows a color.  The color indicates which puzzle collection these will contribute toward, with the exception of rare puzzle pieces which can be found in any pack.
As you collect Puzzle Pieces, you can earn progress rewards for certain percentages of a Puzzle Page Collection being completed. You'll receive the indicated prize and rewards for duplicate puzzle pieces that correspond with that page collection.
Please Note: For each puzzle collection the rewards may vary, as indicated at the top of the screen. For more specifics regarding Lucky Puzzle and Rules, please see the Game Rules section for any Lucky Puzzle slot game.