Cash Club is a fun social feature where you and clubmates work together to win fantastic rewards!  To get started with Cash Club, navigate to the tab bar on the main lobby screen and tap on the Cash Club Icon located on the lower left corner.

Getting Started:

To get started you must either create a new club or join an existing club.  When you first enter the Cash Club, you'll see a list of Club Recommendations.  You can search through existing clubs and refresh the available list to see more.

If you have a friend with an existing club you'd like to join, you must know the Club ID, which is a unique ID Code that they can locate under the Club Details tab and let you know.  Then simply tap on the Search button and input the corresponding Club ID. (These are Case Sensitive).

Cash Club: Find a Club Page

Club ID Example:

If you'd like to create your own Cash Club, simply tap on the Create Button to get started.  You'll be prompted with a new screen with the following options.

  • Name:  Choose a unique name for your Cash Club.
  • Club Avatar:  Choose an avatar that you'd like other to see when they see your club
  • Description:  Include any descriptions, rules, or information you'd like to display for others to see.
  • Type:  Choose from Free to Join or Need Request for when players wish to join your club
  • Min VIP Status:  Select the minimum VIP level requirement you want your Clubmates to have before they can join your Cash Club.

Create New Club Page:

Cash Club Main Features

Once you've created your club, you'll be taken to the main Cash Club Page.  Here you'll see several different features that you and your clubmates can participate with together.  

Cash Club: Main Page (on mobile, picture may be larger with horizontal view)

Personal Club Points

As you play Cash Frenzy, spin in slot games, finish daily missions, finish honor missions, and complete special activities; you will earn Club Points.  Club points will accumulate under the Personal Club Points progress bar at the bottom of the screen.  As you accumulate points to reach each Chest Reward Level Milestone, your rewards will be upgraded.  

Obtaining Club Points Example: Missions

Obtaining Club Points Example:  Spinning in Slots

There are a total of 6 Chest Reward Levels that can be obtained and the rewards for each level can be viewed by tapping on chest icons.  In the example below, a total of 8000 Club Points have been accumulated, which has upgraded the chest to Level 2.  The obtainable rewards for this Current Chest are listed at the top of the page.

Personal Club Points

Club Key: How to open the chest

The Chest Rewards can only be opened by obtaining the Club Key.  To obtain the Club Key, Cash Club members must work together to collectively accumulate enough Club Points before the weekly timer expires.

Club Key

Example: Club Key Points Contribution.

In the above example:  The personal Club Points obtained is 8000.  These points will contribute, collectively with the other Clubmates, to reach the total points required to obtain the Club Key - which is 220,000 Club Points.   In this example, we are the only Cash Club Member.

To see how many Club Points each member has contributed to the Club Key, navigate to the Clubmates Tab at the top of the screen.   Here you'll be able to see which members are most actively contributing.  The more active clubmates, the faster club points can accumulate.

In this above example, a friend has joined the Cash Club and contributed 3000 additional Club Points.  The new total accumulated points for the Cash Key is now 11,000.

At the end of the weekly timer period, if the Club Key has been obtained; then all members of the Cash Club will be able to open their reward chest when the weekly timer expires.  However, if the Club Key was not obtained before the weekly timer expires; then all members of Cash Club will lose their reward chest.  However, Personal points contributed to the Club Key will convert to a coin prize if the Club Key is not obtained.

Working together allows all members to win big!  So make sure everyone is contributing to your Cash Club!

Additional Cash Club Features

Club Missions

Occasionally special time-limited club missions will initiate for Cash Club Members.  By clicking on the Club Mission Icon, the mission objectives, special rules, contribution limitations, and reward prizes will be displayed.

Mission Objective: Example

As mission objectives & milestones are reached by Club Members, all clubmates will be able to collect the indicated rewards.  (*note, you must already be a member of the club before the club mission starts to be eligible to collect club mission rewards).

Club Gifts & Jackpot Like Rewards

When Clubmates complete certain activities, such as completing a stamp album or winning a qualified Jackpot, all Club Members are able to collect a free gift.  

Reward Gift Features

Received Gifts

Claim the reward within the allotted amount of time to receive the reward and give that Clubmate player a Jackpot Like!  Jackpot Likes will show up under the Clubmate Tab, which helps indicate which players are completing challenges, winning big, and sharing the most number of gifts to Cash Club Members!

Club Chat:

The Club Chat allows all Cash Clubmates to communicate as well.  If you'd like to talk to other members, request a stamp gift, or review the activity of your Cash Club, simply hit the Chat Messenger Icon to start messaging!

For more information on how to request and trade stamps with players in Cash Club, please see the following FAQ link Exchanging Stamps & Gifts and navigate to the Cash Club section.

More Information:

For more Information on the Cash Club, including some additional Frequently Asked Questions; please navigate to the menu & rules icon (on the upper left side of the Cash Club main page); and select General FAQ to learn more detailed information about specific rules.

Example: In-Game Cash Club General FAQ

Leaving Cash Clubs

If you decide to leave your current Cash Club to join another, please keep the following in mind:
  • Your Cash Club Points progress will not carry over and will revert back to 0
  • You won't be able to collect your Cash Club Chest Rewards for the club left.
  • Progress for rewards in Cash Club Missions will not carry over.
When joining a new Cash Club: Keep the following in mind
  • Your previous Cash Club progress will start over when joining a new Cash Club
  • You must already be a member of the club before any club missions start to be eligible to collect club mission reward.  
  • If you join mid-club mission, you will not be able to collect rewards until the next mission starts.
All other progress in your game (Stamps, Lounge Points, Build your Dreams, Around the World, etc); are unaffected by leaving a Cash Club.