Build Your Dreams is an exciting seasonal activity available for Diamond Lounge Members, that focuses on building up dream worlds by collecting Depots through weekly activities, purchases, and slot game spins.
To first access Build Your Dreams, navigate on the main lobby screen to the BYD Icon located on the lower right corner of the tab bar.  You can also access Build Your Dreams from the Diamond Lounge Directly.
Main Lobby: BYD Access
*Please note:  You must currently be an active Diamond Lounge Member.  To obtain diamond lounge membership, you must collect enough Diamond Points or use a Diamond Lounge Access Pass.  For more information on Diamond Lounge, please check the following FAQ link here.
Diamond Lounge: Access Build Your Dreams

Build Your Dreams: Main Gameplay

To get started with Build Your Dreams, you must collect Depots.  Every Depot collected can be used to gain points which will upgrade your Dream Worlds.  There are a total of 8 Dream Worlds, each with a total of 5 star levels.  After completing a level, reward prizes will be given according to the display on the left-hand side of the screen.  After completing all Dream Worlds to level 5, the final reward on the top of the screen will be provided.
BYD: Main Page
Click the depot you wish to use or tap 'Collect All' to earn points for your Dream Worlds.  After collecting, an animation will play and points will be distributed randomly to your Dream Worlds.
Depot Points: Dream Worlds
As each Dream World levels up, coin rewards will be received.  Higher Dream World levels will provide bigger rewards.  Once reaching Level 4 and 5 on a Dream World, a special bonus chest will unlock, that will offer additional rewards that can be collected every 24 hours.  Each world has it's own special bonus chest that unlocks after Dream World level 4.
Reward Chest, Level 4+
Chest Bonus Prize: Example
All Reward Chest Bonuses provide coin rewards, with higher levels providing a chance at Wild Depot Puzzle Pieces.  Fully completed Wild Depot Puzzles pieces will allow you contribute 50,000 points to any Dream World.  Collect daily for each Dream World to help grow your progress.

Dream World Information and Exhibition Hall:

By clicking on a Dream World, you can access some more information about that world.  This information includes a description, the current features of the dream world - based on its level - and more to come in future Dream World Level upgrades.
Dream World Descriptions:
After Completing a Dream World to Level 4, you also will unlock that Dream World in your Exhibition Hall.  You can access your Exhibition Hall by clicking on the 'Three Bars' Information icon found in the upper left corner of the screen.  
Here you can see all your Dream Worlds that have reached Level 4 or 5 in all the seasons you've participated in Build Your Dreams.  
Information Icon:
Exhibition Hall:
Once you complete all 8 Dream Worlds, Build Your Dreams: Gurus will unlock.  In Gurus, continue to level up your skyscraper to win even more rewards.  Build Your Dreams: Gurus can be continued to be leveled up with no limits, until the current season ends.  By Ranking in the Top 10 on the Leaderboard for Gurus, you can win additional rewards.
Build Your Dreams: Gurus
*Please note*  The Guru Level rewards shown at the top of the screen are for the upcoming level rewards.  Each level-up, the reward amounts will change to indicate the next level-up rewards.

Rules and Features

The following includes the Rules and Features relating to Build Your Dreams.

How To Play: General


Exhibition Hall & Chest Bonus:


Where to find Depots


Rarity of Depots.

Please Note:  All Unused Depots will expire at the end of the current Build Your Dreams Season.  Please make sure to use them before the end of the season.
Depot Points are distributed randomly across Dream Worlds.  Higher rarity Depots will provide more points in total in distribution.  Silver, Gold, and Legendary Status Dream World can all receive points from any of the Depot rarities.
Additionally, you can collect special depots called "Wild Depots"
  • Wild Depots can be used to let you place 50,000 points to any building you want.  These can be obtained as special rewards for activity completions or as promotional purchase benefit rewards.

  • Wild Depot Puzzles:  Collect 100 Wild Depot Puzzle Pieces to earn 1 Wild Depot.  Wild Depot Puzzle Pieces are saved in your Puzzle Collection found by clicking on your avatar.
Wild Depot Puzzle Pieces: Example


Rarity of the Dream Worlds (Islands)

The above graphic indicates the overall rarity of each of the Dream World islands.  The higher the rarity, the more points needed to complete!