Around the World is a featured seasonal activity that focuses on collecting unique items from all around the globe!  Each season explores a new unique location, history, culture, and collectable items.
To first access Around the World, navigate on the main lobby screen to the Around the World Icon located on the 2nd row of the tab bar  
Main Lobby:  Around the World Icon


Around the World: Main Gameplay

To get started with Around the World, you must collect Merchandise Bags.  Every Bag collected can be used to gain points towards different merchandise items.
  1. There are a total of 8 Shop Levels.  Each is filled with various merchandise items to collect.
  2. After collecting enough points for a Merchandise Item, a reward prize will be given according to the displayed prize for that unique merchandise item.  If an entire Shop Level of merchandise is completed, you'll win the Shop Reward Prize, as indicated at the top of that Shop's screen.
  3. If all 8 Shop Levels are fully completed, the final reward prize for all levels at the top of the Main Around the World screen will be provided.
Around the World: Main Page with Shop Levels.
Example: Shop Level 4 - Merchandise to Collect.
Example: Merchandise Item & Reward

Merchandise Bags:

There are different rarity of Around the World bags which will correspond with the different rarity of items found in the Shops.  Merchandise bags can be obtained in many ways, such as through every 100 spins in slot games, activity prizes, purchased offers, and through special event challenges.  The rarity of bags that can be obtain include the following
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Deluxe
  • Epic
  • Premium
Rarity of Merchandise Bags
These Merchandise bags usually correspond with the star rating of the items within the shops.  This may vary based on which merchandise you've already completed
  • Common bags will contribute to 1 star merchandise
  • Rare Bags will contribute to 1 & 2 star merchandise
  • Deluxe Bags will contribute to 2 & 3 star merchandise
  • Epic Bags will contribute to 3 & 4 star merchandise
  • Premium Bags will contribute to 4 & 5 star merchandise
If a star rarity of merchandise items are fully complete, points will distribute toward the next available rarity.
Star Rarity of Merchandise Items

Wild Bags:

Wild Bags can be collect as special challenge rewards, promotional purchase benefits, or by collecting a total of 100 Wild Bag puzzle pieces.   Unless otherwise noted, Wild Bags let you place 5,000 points to any Merchandise you want.  
Once you obtain & activate a wild bag, you must distribute the points within 24 hours or the points will expire.

Album Completion

Once you've collected all the merchandise across all 8 stores, you will be rewarded with the Final Prize listed at the top of the main 'Around The World' screen.
Afterwards, you'll gain access to the "Epic Edition" of Around the World, which includes boosted prize rewards.  There are unlimited rounds available, each with increasingly larger rewards for each playthrough.

Receive Bag Notifications

Make sure that you have your "Bag Notifications" turned on within the settings to be alerted to all new Around The World bags you receive from spinning in slots.
If the notification is turned off, you will still receive your merchandise bags, however you will not receive any notifications on your screen.  The "meter" in the slot games will reset each cycle, and the bags will distribute points automatically (in the background), toward your Around the World Shops.