As you continue to play Cash Frenzy, you'll level up and continue to earn VIP Points.  Additionally, VIP points can be obtained through purchase offers.  As you collect more VIP Points, you can increase your VIP Level, with higher tiers offering greater incentives, upgraded benefits, and multiplier bonuses.
To learn more about these upgraded benefits and bonuses, you can reach the VIP section by clicking on the main tab bar and locating the VIP Icon on the bottom row.
Main Lobby: VIP Section
From here you'll be taken to the main VIP Benefits Table.  The following image below shows all the main features & benefits for different VIP Statuses.  (If on mobile, landscape view is best)
(Image may be more clear with landscape view for mobile phones)

Main Features:

Below are short descriptions on each of the VIP table benefits.  The higher the VIP Status, the more increased value each item becomes.
Coin Deals:  Get more coins for every purchase.  Any store purchased coins will be multiplied by your VIP Level according to the benefits table.
VIP Points: Earn a larger multiplier on VIP Points earned for every purchase & level up.
Slot of Cash:  Win increased prize amounts on your "Slot of Cash" with an extra percentage.
Pachincoin Bonus:  Win increased prize amounts on your "Pachincoin Bonus" with an extra percentage.
Scratch and Win:  The prize amounts on your Scratch & Win increases.
Free Coin Gifts: Free Coin Gifts sent by your friend will increase in value according to the VIP Level status.
Mystery Chest: The bonus box gifts sent by your friends will be increasingly multiplied in value.
Store Bonus:  The daily store bonus (collect feature) will be increasingly multiplied in value.
Inbox Daily Gift:  Your Daily Inbox Gift will be increasingly multiplied in value.
Collect All Gifts:  The 7 days 'Collect All" Benefit unlocks only with purchase for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Status.  For 'Elite' Status and above, this is permanently unlocked.
Fan Page Gifts:  The Cash Frenzy's Fan Page Gifts will be increasingly multiplied in value.
Bonus Vouchers: The maximum number of Bonus Vouchers that you can have at one time will be increased.
Events and Offers:  The "Events & Bonus" prize collected (by viewing all offers each day), will be increasingly multiplied in value.

VIP Power Up Status Event

Occasionally there will be a special event called "VIP Power Up", which temporarily upgrades your current VIP Level status to the next level.
When the promotion ends, you will automatically revert back to your previous VIP Level Status.

For more information on VIP Power Up, including the upgraded temporary benefits; please see the Events & Offers icon during the promotional event.

VIP New Years Kickoff:

Every year in December there is a VIP New Years Kickoff event, which recalibrates current VIP points & offers a boost on December VIP points for all players.  This yearly event offers the opportunity to receive a multiplier on December VIP Points, which can also help players for a chance to move up to the next tier!
Your Current VIP Status Title is guaranteed to remain the same:  For example, if you are Gold Status, then you will remain a Gold Status member on the New Year Reset.  Only the total points within the tier will be modified.  If you move up a tier during the event, your new status will also be guaranteed.
Please see the following image and explanation for more information:
*Note* December VIP Multiplier is based on normal VIP Status, does not included VIP Boost Upgrade*
The points earned between January and November of the current year will have a ratio of 10%; while the points earned in December will be boosted by the multiplier (found on the VIP Status Page based on current status level).  
If you move from one tier to another during the event, then your new VIP Status is guaranteed.  On Janauary 1st of the new year, your VIP points will be calculated to give a new vip point total using the aforementioned formula.
To see your Total points earned in the given year; see the top of the VIP Status page.  This shows the total accumulated amount of points for the year.