The Cash Frenzy Bonus is a feature that allows you to collect bonus coins multiple times every day!  To Access, click on the "Collect" Button in the lower right-hand corner of the main lobby screen.

Within the Cash Frenzy Bonus, there are a total of 4 mini-games that can be played multiple times a day.
  • Blue Scratch:  Playable every 15 minutes
  • Red Scratch:   Playable every 3 hours.  Use a Speedy Boost to play every Hour!
  • Slot of Cash:   Play Red Scratch 5 times to access.  Use a Slot Blast Boost to increase rewards!  Each play wins a Silver Hammer for the weekly Lucky Smash game!
  • Pachincoin:    Play Slot of Cash 3 times to access.  

Features & Bonus Multipliers

As you increase your VIP Level, collect boosters, spin in slot games, access the diamond lounge, and complete certain event activities; your daily Cash Frenzy Bonus rewards will increase in value.

This information can be seen by clicking on the "Percentage Symbol" at the top of the page; which will reveal which bonus benefits you currently have in effect.


Normally the Red Scratch will refresh every 3 hours.  Using a Speedy Booster will reduce the refresh time to every 1 hour instead.  Speedy Boosters can accumulate up to 72 hours (cannot exceed), and can make the process of winning your daily "Slot of Cash" even faster!

To see how much time you have left on your speedy booster, simply click on the "yellow bar icon" above the Red Scratch to see more information.

Slot Blast Booster

By obtaining a "Slot Blast Booster", through gameplay events or purchases, you can increase your reward payouts on all Slot of Cash games.  When activated, all pays on Slot of Cash or Deluxe Slot will be multiplied by 2X.  

To see how much time you have left on your Slot Blast Booster, simply click on the "yellow bar icon" above the Slot of Cash Game to see more information.

Multiplier Bar:

As you spin in slot games, you'll notice a progression meter in the upper left-corner of your screen.  By clicking on collect you can receive your red/blue scratch tickets during slot gameplay without interruption.

This progress bar corresponds to the "Multiplier Bar" in the Cash Frenzy Bonus page.  As you spin more, you'll upgrade your bonus multiplier up to a maximum of x10!  Every 24 hours (when system time new day restarts), the multiplier meter will refresh and start at the beginning.

Accumulating Bonus Rewards

As you complete each mini-game feature, you'll be able to accumulate all your bonus points, multipliers, and boosters into bigger increased rewards.  With maximum boosters, you can continue to collect your rewards multiple times a day to accumulate major total rewards!

Example: Red Scratch + Boosters

*The animation for Scratch Tickets for the multiplier will play on the scratch ticket prior to revealing the number.  Additional benefits will calculate on the screen based on status and other multiplier benefits accordingly.

Before each Slot of Cash and Pachincoin bonus, you'll see an animation of all your bonuses add up on the screen!  Best of luck!