General Information:

Every weekend(Saturday 12:00am EST) the Weekend Tournament starts.  To play you must spin in the listed eligible slots, which are included on the main tournament page.

As indicated in the image above.  As you play the Weekend Tournament slot games, you will earn different medals.  Collect medals to earn tournament points and rise through the ranking charts!

How to Get Medals

  • Gold Medals:  Get Apocalyptic or Massive Wins
  • Silver Medals:  Get Huge or Big Wins
  • Bronze Medals:  Randomly distributed when spinning

Division Leagues

As you play the Weekend Tournament, you'll continue to move up and down through the rankings for the Division you are currently within.  There are a total of 5 Division Leagues,

Finishing above the "Division Up" indicator will move you up to a higher division.  However, finishing below the "Division Down" indicator will move you to a lower division.  The higher the division, the higher the prizes!

The Higher your Bet, The Higher your Tournament Points.  Additional ways to get more Tournament points include:

  • 50% more Tournament points on the Grand Final Day
  • Activating a Points Booster to earn more points.

The higher division leagues you rise, the better the top rewards will be.  You'll also receive special Weekend Tournament benefits for the entire week.  Check your division top rewards for more information!