Repeat Win is a special purchase feature that allows you to repeat your highest base game win of the day, however it does not include free games, bonuses, or jackpots.   There is a prize limit up to 160x your initial bet that you can win, during the event feature, for the total amount that you can repeat win!

To activate, simply make any qualified purchase when the activity is currently active.   Depending on your purchased amount, the multiplier benefit will vary.  To see which purchase corresponds with which Repeat Win multiplier, you can check the Purchase Benefits tab in the store.

Example: Purchase Benefits

Higher purchases will provide higher multipliers, up to the highest amount of 160x.  

Once you've finished making your purchase, Repeat Win will automatically activate for the duration of the event.  (the events start & end times follows the system-time, 00:00 EST).   By entering into any slot game, you'll see the Repeat Win Icon available, usually in the lower right corner - but may vary in location depending on the slot game.

How to Play

Repeat Win is first determined by your current bet, which is then multiplied by your prize limit multiplier.   

In the below example, the highest current highest win of the day is 73,200,000,000 coins.  This amount is guaranteed to be delivered to your inbox after the event ends.  This amount is based on your highest base game win of the day.

By increasing the bet size, your total Repeat Win amount will increase proportionally by the Prize Limit Multiplier

Amount that you receive in Repeat Win

The amount of coins that you'll receive in Repeat Win is only the highest amount you win in the base game.  This does NOT include wins from Free Games, Bonuses, or Jackpots.

You can check the current highest amount by clicking on the Repeat Win icon in any slot game.  If you, during the event, achieve a higher win than the displayed amount; your new total will be updated.

However, winning amounts that exceed the prize limit Will Not be calculated into the final prize.  They will be be cut off at the cutoff for the Prize Limit Multiplier amount.

How to increase my prize limit?

You are able to increase your prize limit by making any qualified purchase.  Higher purchase amounts will allow you to access higher tiers of prize limit multipliers.

You can see the prize limit table after activating the event activity, by tapping on the Repeat Win Icon in any slot game, and tapping on the info symbol on the prize limit number.  You'll be taken to the following table for your reference.

When / Where to collect the Repeat Win Reward?

Repeat Win Rewards will be automatically sent to your Inbox after the promotional event ends.  The amount that you receive will reflect the same information as found in the Highest Current Win section, such as the examples presented above.

You'll see the Repeat Win Icon in the Inbox representing your Repeat Win total.  The highest received amount in the above picture is 20,550,000,000 Coins, which can be collected within 30 days from the inbox after the event ends.