Jackpot Wheel is a special purchase feature that allows you to double your highest Jackpot win of the day.  There is a maximum prize limit based on a bet multiplier which is determined by the features wheel spin.

To activate, simply make any qualified purchase when the activity is currently active.  You can see the feature information under the "Purchase Benefits" when the activity event is available under the Events & Offers tab.

Once you've finished making your purchase, Jackpot Wheel will automatically activate for the duration of the event. (the events start & end times follows the system-time, 00:00 EST).  You'll be taken a new screen with a Special Jackpot Wheel, which will determine your Bet Multiplier.  Additional rules can be found in the upper left corner under the information icon

In this below example: By Spinning the wheel, the bet multiplier has landed on 500x.

Now that the feature is activated, by entering into any slot game, you'll see the Jackpot Wheel Icon available, usually in the lower right corner - but may vary in location depending on the slot game.


By clicking on the Icon, you'll be able to see the Jackpot Wheel information, including the current 500x multiplier from the initial Wheel Spin example above.  

Jackpot Wheel is first determined by your Bet Multiplier.  

  • The Maximum Prize Limit that you can win up to is calculated at using the following formula: Current Bet x Bet Multiplier = Prize Limit while the activity is activated.  
  • Only your highest Jackpot of the day will calculate toward your prize.  See the image example below.

So The current bet in the above & below image is 60,000,000 coins, which when multiplied by the Bet Multiplier from the Wheel, provides a Maximum Prize Limit for Jackpots of 30,000,000,000 coins.

By Increasing the current bet, the prize limit will scale accordingly.  So if we increase the Current Bet to 150,000,000 coins, then that amount multiplied by the 500x Bet Multiplier creates the new Maximum Prize Limit for Jackpots, which becomes 75,000,000,000 coins accordingly.


In the below example, we've already increased our Current Bet to 150,000,000 Coins.  

In this example, after spinning in a slot game, the feature lands on a Minor Jackpot, netting a win of 8,224,148,455 coins.  

Once this Jackpot has been collected, the Jackpot Wheel Information section will update accordingly.  The total amount listed under YOUR PRIZE is now updated to 8,224,148,455 coins.   This is now currently the highest Jackpot coin amount of the day, which will be sent to the inbox after the event ends.

By getting higher jackpot rewards (Whether by increasing the current bet or landing higher jackpots); the amount listed under Your Prize will update accordingly.  Only the Highest Jackpot coin amount of the Day will count toward the final total.

Can I increase my Bet Multiplier?

Absolutely!  By making another qualified purchase during the Jackpot Wheel event, you'll be prompted to spin the Special Jackpot Wheel again.  Any additional amounts that you collect will be added to the total bet multiplier.   You can collect up to 5000x, which is the maximum limit and cannot be exceeded.

In the below example, after making a second purchase the Jackpot Wheel prompt will show up again.  This time when spinning the wheel it landed on 100x.  Since our previous total was 500x; then 500x + 100x = 600x, which will be the new total listed under Your Bet Multiplier.

Now when we go to the Jackpot Wheel Icon information page, we can also see the Bet Multiplier has been increased to 600x as well.  The new Maximum Prize Limit has also now increased as well.


In this second example, we now have landed on a Major Jackpot, which will update the final total under our Your Prize section.

As seen above, the Major Jackpot has given a total of 76,174,222,666 coins won.  This amount will now replace the current highest jackpot total on the Jackpot Wheel Information screen as well.


Jackpot Wheel Rewards will be automatically sent to your Inbox after the promotional event ends.  The amount that you receive will reflect the same information as found in the Highest Your Prize section, such as the examples presented above.

You'll see the Jackpot Wheel Icon in the Inbox representing your Jackpot Wheel total.  The highest received amount in the above examples was 76,174,222,666 Coins, which can be collected within 30 days from the inbox after the event ends.