Badges are a feature that let you win fantastic prizes by completing specific slot game challenges within your favorite games!  To get started, you must be at least level 70 to unlock, then simply located a slot game with badge challenges.

To find, you can navigate to the Inbox on the tab bar of the main lobby screen, or access by clicking on your Avatar Profile in the upper left corner.  Then click on the Badges Tab to see which games have badges challenges for you to complete.

Getting Started:

First select a slot game that you'd like to play that has a badge challenge.  All games available with badges will be listed in the Badges Tab for you to select from.  After entering into the Slot Game, you can check the available badge challenge by clicking on the Badge Icon on floating tab.  

Here you'll be taken to a screen that shows a total of 6 badges.  

  • 1 Starter Badge
  • 2 Epic Badges
  • 3 Legendary Badges

By completing the Starter Badge, you will unlock the Epic Badges.  By completing the Epic Badges, you will unlock the Legendary Badges.   To complete a badge, your minimum bet must be high enough to unlock the badge feature listed in the challenge.

At the bottom of the screen you can see the progress meter for the available badge challenges.  For additional information on certain slot features that may be listed as part of the badge challenge, please visit the Game Rules of that slot game.

Badge Bonus Picks (Rewards)

By collecting badges in slot games, you'll be rewarded with Badge Bonus Picks!  The higher the badge level, the more Badge Bonus Picks will be awarded.  Simply pick a Badge Box to reveal the prize behind it!

After every 8th Badge Pick, you'll be awarded with a Badge Pick Booster, which randomly provides a multiplier on your next pick for upgraded rewards!

In the above example, the Badge Pick Booster landed on a 6x multiplier, which means the reward pick for this badge bonus will be multiplied by 6x!

Badge Crush

When a new slot game with badges is release, occasionally there is a special limited time event called Badge Crush!  During Badge Crush, you can complete badge challenges for that specific slot game to win additional prizes and rewards.

When available, the Badge Crush event is released for 24 hours.  Only badges that are currently unobtained in that specific slot game will count toward receiving the indicated rewards.

Additional Information

1) Badges are only obtainable if your minimum bet is high enough to unlock the badge feature.  This is indicated in the floating tab bar within slot games and by message prompts when unlocked.

2) Badge challenges that require hitting certain Jackpots are only obtainable if the Jackpot feature is unlocked.  Please see the following images for example.

Example 1: Locked Jackpots

Example 2: Unlocked Jackpots

In Example 1: The Jackpots at the top of the slot game are Greyed out, indicating that the feature is currently locked.  If locked, then in badge challenges that require hitting certain Jackpots, the badges will not be awarded.  These can be unlocked by raising your bet.

In Example 2: The Jackpots at the top of the slot game are lit up, indicating the feature is unlocked.  In badge challenges that require hitting certain jackpots, then the badges will be awarded

Within the Slot Game Rules, all locked Jackpot features are considered as a Bonus Win and not as a Jackpot.  Please see the image below for reference.

Example: Pay table rules for Jackpots