All of our slot games are programmed using a random number generator (RNG) and probability ratios that are activated with every spin.  This uses state-of-the-art sophisticated programming, designed for fairness, and housed on a secured server.

Every press of the spin button provides players with an equal chance at a winning configuration; however user experience may differ between players.  All spins use the same probability RNG for success or failure, regardless of the player, their level, coin amounts, length of gameplay, or other factors.  We test all of our slot games through simulated spins for millions of spins and verified by multiple teams to ensure they are working properly.  As such, they are fair, repeatedly tested, and aren't influenced for any particular player or group of players.

We do understand it may be frustrating when you seem not to be winning or winning big, and this is just a matter of luck and probability.  Fortunately, luck changes and players who may be losing today, might hit a big payout tomorrow.  Although all the slot games use the same probability RNG, the experience may differ between games, so it's always a good idea to try your luck on different machines throughout the day to see where you may be the luckiest.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE*  Our support team is unable to change the outcome of your gameplay or the experience you receive.  Therefore, any tickets regarding game payouts will receive a lower priority.  However, your feedback is important to us and is reviewed by the relevant teams on a routine basis.