Gold Defense is a special game event accessible only from select qualified purchases.  

This mini-game event allows you the chance to win massive coin prizes by protecting a collection of Gold Nuggets from a greedy robber.  By spinning in slot games, you can earn protective shields which will prevent the robber from attacking your Gold Nuggets collection.  After 30 minutes,  whatever amount of Gold Nuggets are left will be converted into coin rewards!

To activate, simply make any qualified purchase when the activity is currently active.   Depending on your purchased amount, the amount of Gold Nuggets you'll receive will vary.  To see how many Gold Nuggets you'll receive, you can check out the Purchase Benefits tab in the store.

Example: Purchase Benefits

Higher purchases will provide more Gold Nuggets.  Once Gold Defense is activated, you can not receive additional Gold Nuggets until the game event is completed.

Once you've finished making your purchase, Gold Defense will automatically activate for the duration of the event.  (the events last for approximately 30 minutes).   By entering into any slot game, you'll see the Gold Defense Icon available in the features sidebar or floating tab bar.

How to Play: Basics

After making your purchase and activating Gold Defense the activity will immediately start.  There is a 40 minute countdown timer, indicating remaining time of the activity.  By spinning in slot themes, you can accumulate Shields, where each shield will protect against one attempted heist by The Robber.

After 40 minutes, the remaining amount of Gold Nuggets will convert into a coin reward!


By spinning in any slot, you can collect Shields.  Each shield collected will defend against one heist by the robber.  You can see how many shields you have in the activity bar within any slot game.

Each spin will accumulate the meter until reaching 100%.  At 100%, you will obtain 1 shield.   You can speed up the time it takes to accumulate shields by increasing your bet.

Boosted Spins

You can speed up the time it takes to accumulate shields by also using Boosted Spins.  In the main Gold Defense activity page, you can spend emeralds to earn boosted spins.  This feature will allow you to double the progress for shields for a limited number of spins.

Warning: Robber

Every few minutes, you'll receive a warning that The Robber will be arriving soon.   The warnings will show up in a few locations, depending on where you are at the time of the heist.

Tab Warning

Activity Page Warning

Icon Warning

Heist Results:

If The Robber comes when you have no shield defenses, you'll receive a notification icon letting you know how many Gold Nuggets were stolen.  

If you have shield defenses, you'll automatically protect your Gold Nuggets from The Robber's attempt.  After a successful defense, 1 shield will be removed, and you'll receive the following notification.

Amount that you receive in Gold Defense

The Gold Defense Feature will automatically finish when the countdown timer reaches zero.  The amount of coins that you'll receive depends on how many Gold Nuggets you have remaining at the end of the activity feature.  

You can check the value of your Gold Nuggets by going to the Main Activity page and clicking on the Gold Nuggets.  You'll see a prompt message notification with information on the amount of coins.

Once the countdown timer ends, you'll receive a notification with how many coins have been added to your coin balance.