Our application contains no code that would allow payments or purchases not authorized by the end user, and also there is no way that we could charge any player more than the presented item price. If you see an unfamiliar charge on your statement or you got overcharged. It could be caused by following reasons:
  1. The purchase was authorized by someone who gets access to your device.
  2. Some previous transactions didn't go through when you made the purchase because of network disconnection. Google Play Store/Apple will reactivate the purchase after gets reconnected to the Google's/Apple's payment center.
  3. All prices at Jackpot Wins are displayed in US Dollars - if you notice on your receipts and bank statements that you've been charged more than what was displayed in the game, it is likely a result of the exchange rate between USD and your local currency.
  4. Sometimes the app stores will cause multiple charges to appear on your account. This can generally be due to payment processing issues, or because of complications if a third-party service such as Paypal is used. Generally, excess charges will drop off after a few days. Also, keep in mind that Apple will sometimes aggregate multiple purchases onto a single receipt if made in short enough timespan.

For more information regarding a specific charge, it is recommend to reach out to your app store (iTunes or Google Play).  They will have access to your payment information and any will be able to elaborate further as to why any overcharges were made.

If there were excess charges placed on your account in error, the app store your purchase was from will be able to offer a refund as Jackpot Wins doesn't have access to your payment information, we aren't able to investigate any payment issues or process any refunds.

Information regarding refunds with the app stores can be reached at the links below:

If this is not the case, please contact our Support team with as much information as possible - including screenshots of the receipts for the transactions in question, and they will happy to attend to it for you.