Generally, we don't recommend permanently disabling your account - From experience, many players who leave the game ultimately return, and starting from scratch is frustrating and not fun at all.
As it is with the vast majority of players, in time we're sure you'll come to agree that we do actually provide the best games and overall experience, in addition to the best graphics and slot mechanics.

We also advise that you review our Responsible Gaming policies:

You'll find there are plenty of ways to still enjoy the game without overextending yourself, and there are several alternatives to completely disabling your account.

If you wish to leave the game, you can simply delete it from your device and rest assured that any information gathered, if any, from you playing our game is solely for game purposes ie player's account status, game progress, etc. And as we only use Google's/Apple's payment platforms, we do not store personal information on our database.

If you still wish to proceed with disabling your account, we of course respect your decision and will certainly do so at your request. Please read the following notes.

1. Account deletion will clear all data under your current account, including recharge, items, etc. If you have unused virtual items such as virtual coins or paid functions under your account, please use them before deleting your account. All unused virtual items such as virtual coins or paid functions will be cleared together with the account after the account is deleted, so please proceed with the deletion request with caution.

2. Before the period ends, you are still able to log into your account.

3. If you regret deleting your account, please contact customer support, which will rescind your deletion request simultaneously.

If you have noted and accepted the above, please tap on the button below: "Jackpot Crush Account Deletion"